About us

Take the FIRST step to address your productivity concerns!       

EGW Consulting and Coaching (EGW) was formed to address Business and Program challenges in a holistic, proactive and functional manner.

Ellen G. Waukon began EGW in 2001 to assist businesses who want to use their resources to the fullest, help their employees excel, streamline production and manage short term projects.

After years of solving a broad range of technology, management and organizational challenges Ellen Waukon believes that there is no stand alone technology, management or organizational solution, all three are need to create a high functioning organization. 

                       EGW Consulting offers:

  • Business Consulting
  • Program Consulting
  • Management Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Project Support
  • Office Support Services
  • Information Technology

In this time of economic turmoil even small improvements can yield surprising value helping your business or program survive.

Our specialty is system/business improvement projects. Benefit from our efficient, effective and timely help. We save you time, money and increase utilization of existing resources (software & people).

EGW is focused on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  We do not have any financial investment or promises from any vendor, supplier or resources that we recommend.  We price our services to clearly communicate what you are paying for by breaking out costs.  

Every step in efficiency, every step in quality, every step in effectiveness makes  one step closer to surviving in these tough economic times.  It doesn't matter if you are a corporation, single proprietorship or a non-profit, the challenges are similiar - Using Limited Resources to Grow and Succeed. 

EGW Consulting & Coaching brings a breadth of experience in Evaluations, Operations, Software, Quality and Finance in a Holistic approach that makes sense to both managemenat and employees.  

           Contact EGW Consulting & Coaching to discuss our very reasonable
                   rates and take the FIRST step on the journey to success.